The Singularity Group: Dedicated to Innovation Investing

    The Singularity Group (TSG) is an investment advisory boutique and was founded with the goal to understand how innovations truly apply themselves in companies and systems, and with that create the world we live in and to separate these applied innovations from hypes and market noise. TSG is the initiator and owner of the Singularity Index™ (Bloomberg ticker: NQ2045). The Singularity Index is considered the gold standard in innovation benchmarking in listed equity and is reconstituted semi-annually (in May and November). The Singularity Fund (UCITS Lux) is the only investment vehicle that tracks the Singularity Index. The Singularity Reshoring strategy invests in a selection of innovative companies with small- and midsized market capitalizations with exposure to applied innovations enabling the reshoring trend. The Singularity Small & Mid strategy focuses on the U.S. market and selects the most innovative companies from the Russell 2000.

    TSG works closely together with the Singularity Think Tank, a network of entrepreneurs and academics with deep insights into innovation value chains. Their input forms the foundation of TSG’s proprietary innovation scoring system that quantifies the engagement of companies within a set of curated Singularity Sectors worldwide across all market capitalizations and industries. The Singularity Score defines how much value listed companies are generating through applied innovation. 

    Most recently, the TSG Annual Innovation Report brings together all the elements that make TSG unique, including the dedication of our now more than 35 Think Tank Experts and the attention of over 1’700 executives globally, moving us and our followers closer to the truths versus the illusions in the curious field of innovation.


    Evelyne Pflugi

    CEO and Founder

    Shiko Ben-Menahem, PhD

    Director of Research

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    Head of Business Development

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    Dita Bunjaku

    Client and Event Coordinator

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    Chairman of the Board

    Evelyne Pflugi

    CEO and Founder

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