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The trend toward relocalization of manufacturing and deglobalization of supply chains brings costs and challenges. Selecting the innovation leaders that facilitate reshoring brings a unique and sustainable opportunity for investors.


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In the Media

Renowned newspaper NZZ am Sonntag interviewed our CEO Evelyne Pflugi on the reindustrialization trend. Click on the logo below for more. For a deep dive from our investment office and research teams, watch our video update.

Capturing a Macrotrend

Singularity Reindustrialization, an actively managed certificate (AMC), makes the innovations behind the ongoing deglobalization macrotrend investable. TSG specializes in quantifying innovation through generated cash flows and returns of listed companies. The strategy is designed to verify real trends vs hyped topics. To do this, TSG works closely with its own Singularity Think Tank

Singularity Reindustrialization gives investors exposure to key re- and nearshoring innovation domains across six dedicated themes: Automation Technologies, Sustainable Resources & Infrastructure, Food Security & Sovereignty, Design & Engineering Software, Biomedical Engineering, and Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing. The strategy includes 50 small- and mid-cap companies with a high potential to reap the economic benefits from core reindustrialization innovations. The strategy’s composition is rooted in our innovation screening methodology, selecting only listed companies that generate revenues from innovative products and services across the nine Singularity Sectors: Advanced Materials, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Bioinformatics, Compute Power, Extended Reality, Networks & Connectivity, New Energy, and Robotics.

Reindustrialization enabled by sustainable innovation: Reindustrialization concerns the diversification of supply chains from manufacturing and related business activities to domestic markets. This macrotrend is propelled by geopolitical uncertainties and a focus on enhancing supply-chain resilience, leading to increased re- and nearshoring activities. Companies involved in re- and nearshoring activities can leverage applied innovations to decrease production costs. At the same time, political measures, import tariffs, customer demand, and automation favour the implementation of sustainable solutions.

One Trend, Six Underlying Topics

The Singularity Reindustrialization Strategy identifies over 40 technologies across six sub-themes that are well-positioned to benefit from the reshoring and deglobalization trend: 

Automation Technologies


E.g. factory automation, robotics, and smart sensors. Automation Technologies aim to increase the efficiency and productivity of operations, potentially reducing the reliance on foreign labor and enabling companies to relocate production in their home country despite higher labor and manufacturing costs.

Sustainable Resources & Infrastructure

E.g. energy storage, medium-voltage infrastructure, energy efficiency and grid management software. These technologies benefit companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by shortening supply chains and relocating production closer to end markets while increasing their use of clean energy.

Food Security & Sovereignty 


E.g., novel food, AgriTech, WaterTech. Events such as the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent droughts have highlighted the importance of countries’ sovereignty over reliable and secure food and water supply, particularly so in the face of a growing world population.

Design and Engineering Software

E.g. electric & digital building infrastructure, 3D modeling software. They help companies improve the efficiency of infrastructure development and product design as well as manufacturing processes, reducing development times and increasing the ability to customize at scale.

Biomedical Engineering

E.g. bioanalytic diagnostic devices, genomics. Addresses the need for a robust domestic medical supply chain as many countries are looking to decrease their reliance on global supply chains toward more independence and resilient health-care systems.



E.g. front-end manufacturing equipment, design tools & software, advanced chip foundries. Controlling critical elements of semiconductor value chains guarantees a steady supply of state-of-the-art innovation to meet the increasing demand for advanced electronic devices such as smartphones, medical equipment, and cloud computing, as well as applications in artificial intelligence, connected sensors and machines (IoT), and electric vehicles.


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Why an Applied Innovation Angle to Reindustrialization?

"Challenges such as climate change, supply chain bottlenecks, shortages of skilled workers, protection against misuse of key technologies, as well as inflation cannot be solved with weapons. The arms race of our time is about innovation in all industries and systems. If you don't innovate, you lose."

What sets us apart from many tech-focused strategies: We only focus on innovation that actually happens and generates revenue - now, not in the future. Our expert and profit-oriented approach separates inflated hypes from real trends.

Reindustrialization is a thorny investment theme. By identifying the applied innovation leaders that facilitate efficiency, cost control, and sovereignty, we make the macrotrend investible.

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Separating Hype from Reality

Technology themes that make headlines are rarely good investment opportunities. That's why we specialize in identifying and verifying where innovation is actually generating value. 

We Rely on Experts, Not Analysts

Practitioners know best. That’s why we rely on a carefully selected community of technology thought-leaders to monitor technologies as they evolve and create cash flows in industry value chains. Through regular consultations, task forces, and sector panel discussions, our experts help us identify where applied innovations are truly unfolding – beyond the hype. The Singularity Think Thank is headed by our Director of Research, Shiko Ben-Menahem, PhD. Meet our experts and find our research here.

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Our team includes dedicated professionals, the Singularity Think Tank, a global alliance of renowned innovation experts, an acclaimed Board of Directors and a network of trusted partners. Founded in Switzerland, we have been innovating innovation investing since 2017.

Our expertise encompasses investment strategy, asset management, stock analysis, research, entrepreneurship and more. We bring a range of different skill sets to the table - what we have in common is a thirst for knowledge and for understanding the cutting-edge technologies that shape the world in which we live in. Meet the curious minds behind The Singularity Group.